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​Starting a business is hard. Making it successful is even harder. In this industry, you can have clients one week, and the following week, you can have ZERO CLIENTS!

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Anna Svetlik De La Rosa's Blog

I always was attracted to paperwork and organization. So, I wanted to be a receptionist when I grow up. 


Lone Star Collge-CyFair Falcon Report 

And graduate Rachel Sheffield of Rachel’s Designs, a local minority woman-owned business, was Cy-Fest’s Brand Ambassador.


Washtenaw Community College Newspaper

WCC graphic design major, Rachel Sheffield, 24, of Ann Arbor, is a student in one of Gibson’s classes that Moriarty has visited. “His poetry was very amazing and it was unexpected entertainment,” Sheffield said. “It emits emotion. I feel like I connected with him tremendously.” Although his path may be changing. Moriarty hopes to continue to use writing to not only connect with other people on a level that regular convert does not allow, but also to continue learning about himself. 


VoyageHouston Magazine

This product is an easy, budget-friendly, and ready to hang in seconds. This design is called “Fabulousray” and it is featured on eighty different merchandise.

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The Platinum Mask Blog

After researching on becoming an online retailer, I begin using online platforms to sell my artwork in December 2020.


CanvasRebel Magazine 

One of the most impactful ways we express our appreciation at Rachel Designs is by actively demonstrating our commitment to our clients beyond the completion of a project. 


VoyageSTL Magazine

My drawing journey started after being observant and focused on my big sister’s art hanging on the wall and wondering if I could also draw. 


VoyageHouston Magazine

However, Rachel communicated the client’s requests clearly and even caught a print issue that I had yet to notice. Ms. Sheffield responded swiftly and provided the client’s reaction, which is essential to me.


Lone Star Collge-CyFair Cy Spotlight 

And graduate Rachel Sheffield of Rachel’s Designs, a local minority woman-owned business, was Cy-Fest’s Brand Ambassador.

Navigating moments when I find myself as the sole representation in a room like mine can be nerve-wracking, but I draw strength from the wisdom of Proverbs 18:16 KJV “A man’s gift maketh room for him, And bringeth him before great men.” I believe in letting my skills and genuine self-expression naturally stand out. A confident smile becomes my silent yet bold statement in any crowd.

Bold Journey

Bold Journey Magazine

The change about the educational system I would like to see would be—teaching students the legal side of their career. Also, how to draw up contracts for their clients. If a student decides to go into Graphic Design they should be aware of the legal consequences of it. This would save this student money on a business corporate lawyer. Starting a career and keeping overhead costs down is a challenge in itself.


CanvasRebel Magazine


VoyageSTL Magazine

The pivotal lesson I’ve learned on my journey is the shift in mindset from focusing solely on likes and views to consistently showcasing my graphic design work and content on social media daily. Understanding that people are observing and engaging regardless of metrics has been a transformative realization.

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